Yoga in Sardinia

A women swims in St. Peter’s island during a Yoga Retreat at CasadisaleCasadisale is hidden in the heart of St. Peter’s island, location Gioia, 15 minutes by car from the little town of Carloforte.

It is a volcanic island, still virgin, with eight free beaches on the East Coast, protected from the Mistral or Scirocco winds, and fantastic rocks, caves, bays with emerald waters, argil sand and little islands in the deep blue, on the West Coast.

Vegetation smells of myrtle, mastic, wild rosemary, olive trees, helichrysum, thyme, pines, oaks and eucalyptus.
Sky is almost always blue during the day, with starry nights which fascinated the ancient inhabitants: on the island there is an old astronomic observatory.
Its orginal name was Hawk island (Enosim, Hieracon, Accipitrum Insula) due to the Eleonorae hawks migration towards Capo Sandalo from Madagascar. Local LIPU (Italian League for Protection of Birds) oasis is one of the best for birdwatching in Italy. Also the ex-salt farm is a habitat for rare birds: pink flamingoes, ash herons and cavalieri d’Italia. Underwater world is very interesting too, with spectacular caves. A holiday in Carloforte - even for tourists who don’t practice yoga - is like discovering another world.

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