Yoga Teacher and Yoga Class at Casadisale in Carloforte

Yoga Class

Nadia De Paoli is an experienced advertising film-maker and an avid traveller. She has been practicing yoga for 14 years and teaching it since 2009, in Barcelona and Carloforte, on St. Peter’s island, South West of Sardinia.
In her “buen retiro”, surrounded by Aleppo pines and Mediterranean bush, one can always smell the sea scent and hear the echo of oriental philosophy.

Here Nadia has decided to share her knowledge on body and soul she learned in India during 200 hours of courses, at Mysore Vinyasa and Ashtanga workshops, and to confront herself with yoga teachers from all over Europe, whom she often host in her retreats.
Casadisale is now a yoga association ASD. Everyone will bring home a little bit of sea salt, earth salt and life salt.

At Casadisale Nadia teaches Vinyasa Yoga and Posture Yoga almost every day. These classes are open to everyone, also to people who are not guests of Casadisale, and are specially designed for beginners or people who want to get flexible movements, a better posture, and to forget backache.