A week of yoga and meditation focusing on silence and presence

From Sunday 9 June to Sunday 16 June 2019

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Share an intense experience when the sunlight is at his best and long lasting days allow you to stay in deep contact with nature, sky, sea and wind. Join yoga classes and Satsang inspired by yoga philosophy to reach an inner dialogue. Stay in silence for a whole day, listening to your deepest self. Enjoy the pleasure of living with awareness, here and now.


Vinyasa Yoga and meditation are the theme all week long. But, as you can see from the program, there is plenty of time to enjoy the sun, beaches and island attractions. Walking tours and activity to improve concentration are on schedule. During your holiday at Casadisale you may also reserve an Ayurvedic massage or a therapeutic massage with essential oils. For further information: agustinburton@hotmail.com


Agustin Burton

Augustin Burton was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he specialized in journalism and worked in advertising. He started practicing yoga and meditation 30 years ago and changed his life looking for the happiness of now (felicidad en el ahora). Two years later he moved to Barcelona where he studied to become a yoga teacher (he is a certified teacher of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga) and began his personal path, sharing lessons and yoga philosophy in classes open to everybody, plus workshops and events.


Program, costs, schedule

Augustin's classes are distinguished by rhythm and fluidity, for their flow in overcoming limits, taking care of alignment, breathing, and concentration.
In his yoga retreats there is always space for meditation and philosophy.