From Saturday July 3 to Saturday July 10, 2021

A profound experience on the subtle interchange between sound medicine and yogic practice in an uncontaminated and silent place.


Immersed in the nature, in its colors and its silence, we will renew our energies.

A conscious exploration of our body and the senses connected to it through sound awakenings, Om circle meditation, sound healing and Vinyasa Yoga will raise our frequencies.


A week of purification and profound harmonization with the practices of Vinyasa Yoga, sound meditation and Sound Healing in combined action.
Immersed in the scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub on the island of San Pietro in Sardinia.

A revitalizing immersion in the self, to rediscover what is most authentic about us.
For those who want it, a therapeutic massage with essential oils will awaken your well-being.


Nadia De Paoli, Luca Saini & Mariacristina Busso
Nadia De Paoli

Yoga teacher
Nadia has been practicing yoga for fifteen years and has been teaching it for about ten. She approached the practice and meditation by pure chance in a particular period of her life, in them she found the way to give light also to the negative events that can affect us. In recent years she has practiced yoga in Barcelona, where she still lives during the winter, she has been several times in India and the East following retreats and internships. Her practice of her is aimed at harmonizing the energies of one's body and one's thoughts by increasing and manifesting the inner and outer grace that lives in each of us.
Concentration, breathing, pranayama and asana make her yoga a gentle but intense and dynamic practice, accessible to all.

Luca Saini & Mariacristina Busso

Two tireless travelers, Luca is a director and visual artist, Mariacristina is an artistic restorer and decorator. For about ten years, they have shared a love for research and study of sound, in the artistic, therapeutic and ritual fields - from native and traditional cultures, to the most recent research in the areas of states of consciousness and neuroscience. For several years they have been offering individual and group sessions of Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dances - Silent Disco, Forest Therapy, in retreats and workshops in Italy and abroad.

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YOGA VINYASA Concentration, breathing, pranayama and asana make her yoga a gentle but intense and dynamic practice, accessible to all.

Sound Healing is a form of vibrational acoustic therapy in which some instruments are played to promote and generate deep relaxation and a sense of psycho-physical harmony. The sound vibration is spread over the body and throughout the space that welcomes the session, giving life to an immersive 360 ° sound experience, regenerating and beneficial.